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The following is a general overview of this site's features and regulations. Please click on the appropriate hyperlinks for further details.


  • Access to browse this site is unrestricted. You do not need to register, but entering your name/website on our Participants' list (see and  reciprocal linking are appreciated. 


  • Our online Journal of Non-Locality and Remote Mental Interactions will contain the most current scientific articles and exchanges (original submissions only). Feedback, comments and questions will be updated weekly in the Selected Correspondence section of each issue.

You can scroll down the list of articles (new ones will always be posted at the top), read the abstracts/full text by clicking on their URL link, or use our search engine to obtain results relevant to your topic.


  • Additional resources: specialized search engines, websites and e-journals, grouped by discipline; also links to major conference websites for announcements and proceedings information


  • Finally, if you simply want to kick back and enjoy a literary view of the holographic paradigm, you can spend a very idle afternoon on Qualia ;-)




As of April 2, 2001 we have decided to implement a moderator system on our web. This concerns ALL postings. 

Please enter your submissions at  (automatically archived) and/or e-mail them to Lian Sidorov  at



Please do not submit full news or journal articles on this site, as this constitutes copyright violation. The preferred format is a brief synopsis, keyword list and hyperlink to the source.

We do not assume any responsibility as to the validity or source of the material posted on this site. Since this is a voluntary and open project, we do not have the resources to fully screen all content. Members are solely responsible for their entries.









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