Biology/Organization of Living Systems


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"About the Coherence of Biophotons"
Fritz-Albert Popp

"Gaia and the Evolution of Coherence"
Mae-Wan Ho and Fritz-Albert Popp

"The Biology of Free Will"
Mae-Wan Ho

"Biophysical aspects of the Psychic situation"
Fritz-Albert Popp

Self-Organization Within Complex Quantum States
Andrej Detela

The Theory of Enformed Systems: A Paradigm of Organization and Holistic Systems
Donald E. Watson,  Gary E. R. Schwartz,  Linda G. S. Russek 

David Bohm: A Life of Dialogue Between Science and Spirit
by William Keepin

"Quantum Vitalism"
Stuart Hameroff

"A quantum explanation of Sheldrake's morphic resonance"
Amit Goswami

"Comparison of TGD based theory of self-organization with the ideas of Rupert Sheldrake"
Matti Pitkanen

Morphogenesis resources - glossary of terms

"Morphogenetic fields and beyond"
Robert Gilmore, Context Institute

"More on morphogenetic fields"
 Co-intelligence Institute

"Rupert Sheldrake: a theosophical appraisal"
 David Pratt 

"Memory and morphogenetic fields"
 Robert Gilman










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