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I 4. Spatial and temporal focus


Posted: November 15, 2003
Lian Sidorov

Problem:  How can one detect whether one is sliding along the target timeline toward a more "interesting" event? Similarly, is it possible to drift toward adjacent geographical coordinates? By how much? What is the typical cause of this drift? And what methods can be used to re-focus on the target?

Example:  Inexperienced viewers tend to be attracted to more exciting aspects of a location - a colorful, noisy fairground can easily "mask" a target consisting of a quiet nearby office; the scene of an accident involving the target  may attract a viewer away from the present target, even if that accident is days or years into the future.  Conversely, viewers may subconsciously "turn away from" target aspects that are strongly distasteful to them, such as murder scenes. 


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