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On Quantum Mechanics and the Implicate Order: an Interview with Dr. Basil J. Hiley
interview conducted by Mitja Perus
National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Quantum Metaphysics of David Bohm
Thomas J. Germine

Quantum Back Action: Does Consciousness Require a Violation of Orthodox Quantum Mechanics?
Jack Sarfatti

Subtle Connections: Psi, Grof, Jung and the Quantum Vacuum
Ervin Laszlo

New Concepts of Matter, Life and Mind
Ervin Laszlo

"A Possible Solution for the Problem of Time in Quantum Cosmology"
Stuart Kauffmann and Lee Smolin

"Interpretations of quantum mechanics and the nature of reality"
 Scott Hagan

"Consciousness in David Bohm's ontology"
"Developed excerpts from Mind, Matter and Active Information"
Paavo Pylkkanen

"The second superstring revolution" - report on the latest developments in superstring theory
Prof. John H. Schwarz, Caltech

"M-theory, the theory formerly known as Strings"
from Cambridge Relativity: Quantum Gravity

"The Central Programme of twistor theory"
Roger Penrose, 1999
(from "Chaos, solitons and fractals"

"Introduction to superstring theory"
John M. Pierre

"On the origins of twistor theory"
Roger Penrose

"A few notes on twistor diagrams"
Andrew Hodges

"The future of spin networks"
New Physics Reviews, Volume 1, Number 2, Version 0.1

"A new theory of the relationship of mind and matter"
David Bohm













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