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The Specious Present: a Neurophenomenology of Time Consciousness
Francisco J. Varela

Correlational Opponent Processing: A Unifying Principle
Blue, Ronald C. & Blue, Wanda E. 

Comparison between Karl Pribram's "Holographic Brain Theory" and more conventional models of neural computation
Jeff Prideaux

Bipolar Spectral Associative Memories
R. Spencer

Quantum Dynamic Networks, Chaotic Solitons and Emergent Structures in Subcellular Processes: Possible Implications for Learning, Memory and Cognition
Martin J. Dudziak, PhD

Consciousness: Chaotic and Strangely Attractive
Allan Combs

Experimental Model for Collapse of the Quantum Wavefunction
Mark Germine

Why Time Moves Forward
Mark Germine, M.D.

Dissipation and Memory Capacity in the Quantum Brain Model
Giuseppe Vitiello  (with comments by Jack Safartti)

Status Report: Quantum Holography and the Brain
Karl H. Pribram

Interviewing Edgar Mitchell
By Joel Metzger

On the Methodology of EEG Analysis During altered States of Consciousness
Emil Jovanov

A model of consciousness: an engineering approach
Emil Jovanov

"Thalamocortical foundations of conscious experience"
 James Newman

"Consciousness involves noncomputable ingredients"
 Roger Penrose

"Funda-Mentality: is the conscious mind subtly linked to a basic level of the universe?"
Stuart Hameroff

"A Sonoran Afternoon: a Stuart Hameroff/ Alwyn Scott dialogue"

"A novel pathway into brain dynamics"
Walter J. Freeman, MD, 1991

"Feasibility of macroscopic quantum mechanisms in the brain"
 Stuart Hameroff

"Testable predictions - experimental approaches"
 Scott Hagan

"Quantum field theoretical approaches to consciousness"
 Scott Hagan

"A neural attentional model for access to consciousness"
James Newman and Bernard Baars, 1993

"The effect of silent thinking on the cerebral cortex"
 Sir John Eccles 

"Protein tactilization/percolation, electron superposition/conformation and the Born-Oppenheimer approximation"
 Michael Conrad

"Symposium on Roger Penrose's Shadows of the mind"
Psyche, Vol. 2

"Beyond the doubting of a shadow"
 Roger Penrose, 1996

"The emperor's new mind, by Roger Penrose"
book review by Kelley L. Ross 1996

"Willed action: a functional MRI study of the human prefrontal cortex during a sensorimotor task",
Fahmeed Hyder,  Elizabeth A. Phelps, Christopher J. Wiggins, Kevin S. Labar, Andrew M. Blamire, and Robert G. Shulman 

"Why classical mechanics cannot naturally accommodate consciousness but quantum mechanics can"
Henry P. Stapp, 1995

"Whiteheadian process and quantum theory of mind"
Henry P. Stapp, 1998

The Rediscovery of the Mind by John Searle" 
Reviewed by Thomas Nagel, 1993

"Rodolfo Llinas: a grand unification theory of the brain"
Wray Herbert, 2000

Self and binding"
Matti Pitkanen, 1999

"Lucid dreaming: psychophysiological studies of consciousness during REM sleep"
Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D., 1990

"Prediction and internal feedback in conscious perception"
Rodney M. J. Cotterill, 1996

"On the End of a Quantum Mechanical Romance"
Gregory R. Mulhauser, 1995

"Change of paradigms in consciousness research"
R. Hernegger, 1995

"On the neural correlates of consciousness"
Rodney M. J. Cotterill, 1997










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