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Dissipation and Memory Capacity in the Quantum Brain Model

Giuseppe Vitiello  (with comments by Jack Safartti)


Keywords: Ricciardi-Umezawa model, dissipative dynamics, ground state,  information printing, breakdown of time-reversal symmetry, quantum field theory, non-locality, simultaneous responses, fundamental role of long-range correlations, stability as a dynamic feature, Pribram, corticons, quasi-stationary brain states, Eccles Gates, tubulin, Frohlich collective mode, electric dipole wave, polarization density as order parameter,  Nambu-Goldstone bosons, information carriers,  degenerate vacua, phase transition, code number, symmetron condensation, Davydov, wave propagation along biomolecular chains, superposition of memory states, independent access, non-destructive interference, association of memories, replication signal, excitation of dipole wave quanta modes, recall, pattern-feeling, excitation threshold, precognitive remote-viewing








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